Do you like creative gifts? 3 unique gift ideas for loved ones before the holidays

The question that preoccupies us the most before the holidays, what should I give to the dear people in my life, that is creative and deviates from the classic generic template?

Trying to find that ideal gift, we spend days scrolling through social networks, websites, reading blogs, crowding around boutiques and stores. In that chaos, it is difficult to choose "that something" that will find direct the way to the hearts of our loved ones. Whether it is a gift for a partner, a family member, a friend, they are gaining more and more popularity personalized gifts. 

What are personalized gifts?


Now ask yourself when was the last time you received a gift that made you feel good emotional reaction? When was the last time you thought " This is very creative and useful!" or "My loved ones really put a lot of effort into designing and making this!? There are probably those who have never...

There are a large number of gifts that leave a "lukewarm" impression, in the end you throw it in some dark corner of the pantry or give it to your mother-in-law with whom you don't agree anyway.

A personalized gift "calls out" your name, creates a feeling of happiness because it is tailored specifically to your measurements. As such, he it symbolizes the part of us that we give to a loved one, strengthens our relationship, creates beautiful memories and sentimental moments that last forever.

Why should you avoid generic and "lukewarm" gifts?


We are always in a hurry, we are always in a rush with time, but we still need to make an effort and keep as much of the human factor as possible, even when it comes to giving gifts. Today, the most valuable gifts are those that show that you invested time and effort. 

It is important to show how appreciate those you give, their presence in your life and their love. 

The gift message should read: "I care about you, I think about your wishes and I want to make you happy."

A generic gift simply cannot evoke the same sentiment, does not show the same level of effort and does not have the personal stamp that says "You are special to me!"


In order for you to be sure to stand out from the rest, below we provide you with examples and ideas of personalized gifts that guarantee that you will be remembered


  1. Inspirational quote

Motivate your friends with a nice quote that they can frame and hang on the wall. We suggest that the quote be printed in an unusual font with a golden frame, you can choose any creative variants. 


1. personalized gift. Framed quote

2. Handmade sweets

The holiday is always a time not only for serious, but also for humorous well-designed gifts. Handmade sweets can be very interesting. For some reason, they always look tastier than others. Also, you can decorate them more simply or make beautiful packages with a name for them.

2. personalized cookies

3.  Personalized dressing gowns

When giving gifts for special occasions, you want your loved one to immediately think of you when they see your gift. A creative and simple idea is the personalization of dressing gowns. 

From romantic and gentle events like wedding anniversary, joyous like Christmas and New Year to crazy and unforgettable like bachelorette party, capes are made according to your original wishes with personalization that is in line with the individuality of your favorite person. 

They don't go out of fashion, from the natural materials are in which the skin breathes which helps in her care and general health, while they are persistent so you won't waste your money every year on the same product. They are made to measure with a machine connection due to which the embroidery will not fade or get damaged after many washes.

 We spoke with M.Đ, the owner of the company "Mona", who is delighted with her gift. “I absolutely loved the purple jacket-style cape. Very original and comfortable model. The material is of high quality and at the same time very light, I feel very luxurious. Would definitely recommend!”

3. personalized dressing gown


Great, but which gift should you choose?


When it comes to creativity, whatever gift you decide on, you won't go wrong. 

The author of this article recommends a personalized bathrobe to loved ones because we know for sure that everyone who received the gift was delighted.

You can personalize and give your personal touch on their website






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