Suspended ceilings - modern ideas for home decoration
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Plasterboard ceiling design is one of the most interesting ways to beautify your home. In the hands an experienced craftsman, the possibilities are endless. Out of a sea of genius options, the problem can only be which one to decide on. Create powerful and unique aesthetics, which no one has in your environment.

Gypsum boards are the ideal choice if you want to quickly create a beautiful ceiling. The adaptability of plaster allows it to be cut into any shape you want, to drill all the holes without fear of cracks, chips, scratches. 

Lavish interiors like you've only seen before in luxury homes of celebrities, is no longer an unattainable dream for you. Today, after at affordable prices and in a short period of time, Your home can get a highly stylish interior.

Plaster suspended ceilings

You can break the monotony of the room by installing a suspended ceiling. You will get much more attractive interior, because emphasized details will make your room far more interesting and extraordinarily beautiful.

In addition to contributing to the original aesthetics, their essential advantage is what they can do hide unsightly installations or defects in the ceiling. Ceiling repair can be very expensive or even impossible, so this is a very nice alternative.

Suspended ceilings provide more functionality for you. They reduce the room, and also serve to achieve better thermal insulation. So, contribute to your comfort.

Other advantages are ease of installation, favorable price, fire protection characteristics, easy repair and reconstruction of the interior

They work on a metal substructure, at a distance of 50 cm. The construction can be single or double, depending on the height of the descent and the method of hanging. 

One-piece construction for minimal lowering. The double construction is used for descents greater than 12 cm. The boards used are standard boards, moisture-resistant and fire-resistant - depending on your needs.

What design can plaster false ceilings have?


  • Plaster details on the ceiling - stylish and striking

suspended ceilings, plaster work

Gypsum as a material is perfect for both alignment and creation very effective three-dimensional shapes. Individual elements are attached with screws or special suspensions on a metal frame, in which it is very easy to hide (and, if necessary, replace) the wiring. 

In order to correctly mount non-standard elements (flowers, leaves, butterflies, curves, clouds, moon, stars, etc.) you need special skill. However, such a design will have its own enchant both children and adults with its unique beauty. It is desirable that the color palette of the ceiling overlaps with the design of the walls, furniture, and elements made in the same style.

Plasterboard ceilings will be a good addition to any style. Aristocratic Victorian, delicate Provence-style aesthetics, elegant classics with accentuated symmetrical arches... 

In a cottage or a spacious attic, you can attach plasterboard beams. For example. slanted ceilings are mostly used in attics in combination with insulation and vapor barrier. For restrained modernist style or laconic Japanese style, strict geometric shapes are suitable. 

  • Suspended ceilings with lighting - luxurious elegance

lowered ceilings

You choose the type of lighting depending on the effect you want to achieve. The lighting will further accentuate the unique ceiling design you have chosen.

Choose oval or irregular shapes of suspended ceilings, emphasize them with light and the room will gain striking and dramatic appearance. If you place the chandelier inside the ceiling, you will especially draw attention to the unusual shape and design.

For rooms like bedrooms, wherever you want romantic and peaceful atmosphere, more subtle lighting is recommended. You can fit it perfectly on the ceiling supports.

Recessed lights give interesting visual effects, although they should certainly be combined with other types of lighting for greater functionality. Another way to emphasize their unique architecture is to frame the suspended ceiling with LED light strips.

Light hiders are very popular. Lighting e.g. it looks very nice installed in cascades (ceilings with higher and lower parts). Most often, LED lights are used. For an elegant, gentle glow choose white lights, while for a more playful, effective look you can use colored LED bulbs.

For all these requests, it is very important that Yours plastering contractor he also knows electricity. Even if he does not perform the distribution of the lighting himself, it is important that he communicates as best as possible with the electrician who is doing it. to the results were maximum.

Where can suspended ceilings be installed?


Dropped ceilings give effective appearance when placed above the bar in the dining room, between the TV and the sofa in the living room, along the entrance hall... The ideas are endless. Read our tips below.

Living room


The living room is an ideal place for bold design decisions, if you want to make a revolutionary and striking impression. If you place the upper layer of the ceiling in the center of the narrow frame of the lower level, the living room will appear higher and brighter. At the same time, for elegant and contemporary ambience, it is worth giving up the chandelier in favor of a wide flat ceiling.



When decorating the ceiling in the bedroom, it is better to give preference to smooth shapes, pastel colors and soft shine. Fragments depicting the sky, white clouds, imitation of star spheres will be appropriate. 

Slightly flickering lights and fluorescent patterns will do romantic mood at bedtime, but bright neon strips should be left for living rooms and hallways. Also, there should be no bulky designs and chandeliers, too many contrasting or gloomy elements above the bed.

Children's Room


When designing a children's room, it is very important not to overload the space. The room should be spacious, cheerful and playful, and the picturesque visuals of plaster details, cascades and light hiders, it will stimulate imagination and creativity.

If you have a baby, massive multi-colored figures in this case can be subconsciously perceived as a threat and scare your child. In order for the baby to be comfortable, the shades should be gentle, and the light should be as natural as possible, in the milky-yellow spectrum.



The real salvation in this case are moisture-resistant plasterboards, which you will use preserve the beautiful design despite the daily steam from cooking and splashing the sink. The ceiling above the worktop or bar will give a special atmosphere to the kitchen and present an interesting image in it of your modern lifestyle.



The hallway and entrance hall take up a little space, but they are the ones that they give the first impression of the house. Bright, plain ceilings with constant lighting around the perimeter - the best way to fill these often dark rooms with light and energy. 

Neon strip, as well as reflectors, can perfectly cope with this task. In order for the interior of the corridor to be more interesting, you can mount an arched or cascading plaster ceiling there.

What is the cost of installing suspended ceilings?

The cost of installing suspended ceilings depends on several factors - the scope of work, the size of the space, the amount of necessary material whose current price on the market varies, and without prior information it is difficult to give a specific price. To get precise information regarding the price, it is best to consult with master

Where to find master for making suspended ceilings?

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