Sources of funding for the youth to stay in the country

The conference "Sources of financing in 2019", held in Novi Sad, was attended by young farmers, businessmen, the IT sector, as well as government representatives. The purpose of their gathering was an initiative for young people to stay in the country.

"Last year, a step forward was made towards us young farmers and entrepreneurs, where we had the opportunity to receive 70 percent of the return from the ministry and the secretariat, and that is a wind at our back," says Branislav Sekulić, a gardener from Mali Iđoš, an exporter in five countries.

Sekulić also talks about the usefulness of meetings of this type, where he can gather all the necessary information about available competitions, domestic and European programs and incentives that are important for the improvement of business ideas.

"We are moving towards highly qualified younger staff and through the third year of measures and subsidies we are achieving results that are tangible and measurable," says Ivan Đoković, provincial secretary for the economy.

As one of the sources of support, the "Laboratory for Ideas of FTN" stands out. Their initiative, as stated by Vladimir Todorović, is to encourage young people to create a business through their own ideas and thereby increase their competitiveness on the labor market.

"We want to bring these people from working for others to working for themselves, to have their own product, to be able to sell it well, so that our budget is filled," Bojan Lalić, advisor to the Minister for Innovation and Technological Development, points out.

Those gathered agreed that they proved worthy of the trust gained from international large companies. The well-known global company Google claims that we are the country with the largest number of freelancers per capita, and our country will do everything to encourage young people to stay in it.