Online training for representatives of the public company National Parks of Montenegro (Attachment CPM report) 

Event time: 22-27. April 2020 (4 working days)
Participants: JP National Parks of Montenegro
Number of participants: 8
Online platform: ZOOM
As part of the training and training for project management within the EU INTERREG and IPA cross-border program, the work was organized in units, by dividing it into 4 days with rounded topics, namely:
DAY I - EU FUNDS in general, available funds for organizations from Montenegro, introduction to project application development
DAY II – Project Cycle Management (PCM), Logic matrix, stakeholder analysis and problem analysis
DAY III - Project description, objectives, relevance, methodology, work plan, sustainability with accompanying practical exercises
DAY IV - Project budgeting, cost optimization with practical exercises.
Participants had the opportunity to participate interactively in the training and at the same time ask questions as the training took place. This is the advantage of working online with smaller groups (up to 10 participants) where it is possible to adjust the training and answer participants' questions directly. The disadvantage of online training is that it is not possible to do it for larger groups.
Working with a group via an online platform has the advantage that the participants are more relaxed because they are in their own environment and can arrange themselves for the lecture as best suits them. The disadvantage is that they don't need breaks and it is done so to speak with one short break of 30 minutes for lunch and that's it since there is no need for coffee breaks.
Training should be offered as a preparation for current calls, which was not the case this time because there are currently no clear guidelines for future calls, but this is something that will happen very quickly, and by the end of the year training should be ready according to the draft framework for 2021-2027 which will come out for all INTERREG and IPA CBC projects.
The disadvantage of this type of training is that it was not possible to hold classic exercises, where the trainer would go from participant to participant and review what was done, but we were forced to give them exercises in the form of homework, which was commented on the next day after the review.

CPM report