iDEAlab startup campus

iDEAlab startup campus

Event description:

The iDEAlab startup campus includes training of participants for five weeks and practical teamwork during the pre-incubation period in the iDEAlab co-working space for a total duration of four months. During the first five weeks of the program, students will have the opportunity to work on the development of an idea and create a development plan through customized trainings and seminars. The presence of mentors from the ranks of professors, but also successful entrepreneurs, is of great importance in the development of start-up companies, and this is exactly what all users of the iDEAlab campus will have the opportunity to use during their stay in the space.

The program is designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of University students with the most creative ideas. We want to provide our students with knowledge and tools as well as a place where they could turn their business initiative into reality.
During the five-week training iDEAlab users will develop their ideas through the following workshops:

  • Workshop 1: DEVELOPMENT OF THE IDEA(Creative thinking, idea generation, problem solving)
  • Workshop 2: DEDICATION(Teamwork, market research, idea presentation, financing)
  • Workshop 3: BUSINESS MODEL DEVELOPMENT (Business model canvas, market fit)
  • Workshop 4: DIGITAL MARKETING (Social media, promotion, design)
  • Workshop 5: HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE SYSTEM (Intellectual property rights, legal and business aspects of business)

The pre-incubation period will be accompanied by mentors who will be selected from the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have already proven themselves in implementing ideas into a business venture.

Event content

What is our goal?
With an innovative approach and program, we want to encourage students to develop their creativity, learn how to work in a team and use their knowledge and initiative in order to acquire the necessary skills to start their own business, as well as to influence the spread of awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship and startups in our community.

Benefit for students? Students who become iDEAlab users:

  • they will have the opportunity to acquire the basic skills and tools needed to further develop their idea
  • they will meet successful entrepreneurs and other creative students
  • will have continuous support from the mentor
  • they will get a chance to present their ideas to successful companies
  • will receive a certificate of successful completion of the program
  • the most successful ideas will have the opportunity to continue their work in the Novi Sad Business Incubator

Who can apply?
Applications are open for undergraduate, master's and doctoral students of all faculties of the University of Novi Sad. Registration of individuals or teams with a maximum of three members is possible.

How is the selection made?

  • Originality of the idea
  • The creative potential of an idea
  • Market potential
  • It will be considered an advantage if the teams are made up of students from different faculties or different departments of the faculty

How to register?
Do you want to participate in the mentioned activities? You need to apply by presenting your business idea via the form on the website

Deadline for sending the application?
The application deadline is November 21, 2016.

Period of stay in iDEAlab?
November 28, 2016 - March 28, 2017. During the period of stay, the students are expected to be committed to the work and development of the idea, as well as regular attendance of all organized trainings.

You can fill out the application HERE.


For additional questions, you can contact us via email:

You can also come every Wednesday and Friday from 12-2pm at the iDEAlab premises (Dr. Ilije Đuričića 3) to find out in a direct conversation what it is that you get by participating in the program.