All three situations can be very stressful and challenging. What they have in common is that they all need preparation to show themselves in the best light. The very process of finding a job is a really big job that is exhausting, requiring a lot of time, commitment and attention to detail. There are a couple of important items that you need to pay special attention to in order to reach your goal more easily, i.e. finding a job or a better result.

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It is very important that you prepare. If it is a question of a job interview, it is very important to find out about the company you want to work for. There really is nothing worse than answering the questions "Tell us why you want to work for us?" or "What do you know about us?" you just don't know the answer because you haven't read anything. On the other hand, when it comes to a public performance, a presentation or a business meeting, it is important to be sure of the words you say. If you have fear and anxiety before public speaking, practice in front of the mirror as well as in front of your family, and in this way you will gain confidence and improve your self-confidence. The formula for success is definitely practice so repeat the lessons!

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A suit does not make a man, but it certainly says a lot about him. Our wardrobe definitely affects the first impression as well as how others will perceive us. It is very important that you are neat and clean above all. In addition, it is very important that you are comfortable because it is felt. Often, if you break out of your usual style, you also change your behavior. Research the company you're applying for or check the type of event and the people attending so you don't miss a topic. We spoke with Alexandra, the owner of the fashion brand Sassy who is known for his casual business style. She gave us a couple of theses that we should be guided by when choosing an outfit for a certain occasion. As we mentioned, it is very important to be yourself, that is how she was guided by creating various business pieces with a touch of urbanity that does not fall out of the traditional and expected look. Be yourself, be special and be chosen. Respect the codes, necklines and short skirts are certainly not what is desirable, hide tattoos until you are sure that the company has no rules related to their visibility and is guided by the principle of more is less — without too much makeup, jewelry and fashion details.

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Delay is not justified! Make sure to arrive at the appropriate time, as this way you show respect for the employer and his time. Chewing gum, consuming food and drinks should also be avoided in a wide range. Turn off your mobile phone, you will agree that you do not give the impression of a dedicated person and a professional person if your phone rings during a conversation, meeting or presentation.

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We believe that if you follow all of the above, you have no reason to fear. All we have to do is wish you luck!


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