3 things that turn an ordinary fashion combination into an elegant business outfit

3 things that turn an ordinary fashion combination into an elegant business outfit


It's Monday. 7 in the morning. The coffee is ready, soon half drunk and eyes fixed on the cupboard. After a busy week and a weekend that always goes by at the speed of light, she would prefer to crawl back into bed. However, bed must wait because work cannot. And what if I told you yes getting ready for work doesn't have to be hard, that you can wear anything and still look business-like and organized - as if you invested a lot of time in considering your outfit.

Well, you can't just wear anything, the pajamas will outshine everything else you're wearing as soon as you walk into the office. We're not targeting that one jaw-dropping effect. The great news is that anything but pajamas and tracksuits are allowed!

So, let your imagination run wild and wear what you want. It is important that you feel good in your own skin, because it is definitely being sent out. But don't forget the following wisdom:

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contact is fast." Fashion is an instant language.” – Miuccia Prada

We must not forget the fact that others form impressions about us in a millisecond. Although you are much more than what you wear, the business world is unforgiving. The following 3 things will help you always live up to the task called "Impress with a little." effort-a".

1. The charm of the hairstyle


Hair is more important than a shirt or blouse. remember, when was the last time you saw a successful businesswoman with a bad haircut? Rarely, you'll admit. Of course, sometimes it happens to the best. In most cases, taking care of hair appearance is a reflection of care and commitment to other things, such as personal and professional life. The times have not passed when we don't have time to wash our hair, the pace of everyday life dictates an excess of obligations and a lack of time. Fortunately for us, dry shampoo is a recent revelation! There are also simple and quick hairstyles - the so-called tied sleek a tail, or even more effectively – a bun with a little hairspray. Take a few minutes for this small pleasure, it will improve your day.

2. Powerful and gentle – silk


If you decide on a plain white t-shirt, an old but dear shirt or a waisted dress... You won't go wrong if you complete it with a silk scarf. Plain or colorful, they will add sophistication your outfit. It's about details that don't distract, but attract attention. It is also multi-purpose. You can also use it when making your hair, or use it instead of a belt. Don't hesitate to be creative.

3. Statement bag


We have come to the "elephant in the room". It's there and you can't help but notice it. A business outfit is unthinkable without it. A good bag is a magnet for making a good impression.  There are many of them on the market, choose the one that is high-quality and long-lasting, and that will perfectly match your style. Leather bags are the choice of many women and for a reason - they make you feel that you are holding all the strings in your hands. Here you can find proven quality, which is not at astronomical prices. Whether you're going to a business lunch or just arriving at the office, a bag will add or take away the touch of elegance and confidence you need to walk confidently into a meeting or work environment.


Most importantly, dear women, don't forget that the power of every successful business woman lies in the way she carries herself.



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