Dart Lamp – The Stunning & Rare Home Decor Piece You’re Dreaming Of

Are you looking for new unique ways to decorate your home?


We’re sure you’ve noticed it too: living in a home you love to spend time in makes you happier and more confident on the daily. And the surroundings you enjoy most are the surroundings that most accurately reflect your personality.

While your outfit of the day can reveal a lot about yourself, it tells more about your current mood and schedule. Your home, on the other hand, is a more consistent reflection of you.

Having guests is fun, and it’s even more interesting when your guests get to know you better through the decor of your home. Your furniture, artwork and decorations portray who you really are. That’s why it’s so important to find design pieces you absolutely love!

If you’re a unique, creative soul, with the taste for the finer things in life – this one is for you. Dart Lamp is a luxurious piece of art so rare you’ll be the only person in your city (or even country!) who has it. Dart lamps are gourd lamps made by Daniel Valovec, a small-town artist in Serbia, of exceptional creative vision and artistry.

Each lamp is hand-made, one of a kind, and no two are the same. The only question is: are you bold enough to delve farther into the high living aesthetic of Dart Lamp?

What is Dart Lamp?


Dart lamp - unique gourd lamps

The story of Dart Lamp begins in Kovacica, a small town which lays in the idyllic plain of Vojvodina. Growing up in Kovacica, Daniel encountered the gourd virtually every day. Be it the gourd plant, or as a dried fruit with various household uses – it has inspired him to express his artistic vision through it.

Kovacica is a home to many world-renowned naïve artists, and many of them have used the dried shell of the gourd as a canvas for their paintings. Folowing these influences, Daniel came up with a new distinctive way to develop gourds into breathtakingly beautiful art pieces gourd lamps!

After completing his design studies in Belgrade in 2005, he created his first Dart Lamp. Because Daniel is the sole artist who creates them, these unique gourd lamps will never be produced in large quantities or marketed widely.

How are gourd lamps made?


Dart Lamp - eco-friendly art

Making only one Dart Lamp takes Daniel more than 100 hours of work. So far, he has created around 50 lamps for customers all over the world to enjoy, which he sees as his greatest accomplishment. The artist uses high-quality, hand-selected gourds from Africa to create them.

The manufacturing process itself is lengthy and contains many phases. As every detail is crafted by hand, the majority of these steps demand a lot of expertise and patience. Each lamp is truly unique because the gourd’s shape influences not only the lamp’s shape but also the arrangement and shape of the ornaments that will adorn it.

Once turned on, the light reflects through those ornaments, producing a magical ambiance in your space. The light and shadow play is the core of the lamp’s magic, and Daniel’s greatest inspiration. Nothing can replace that special feeling once you turn your Dart Lamp on.

If you want your guests to be dazzled and amazed when they enter your home, the Dart Lamp’s beauty is guaranteed to leave them speechless. A glorious center-piece that will express how special you are, brighten your day and delight your friends and family.

Where can you order a special Dart Lamp of your own?


Dart lamp - luxury gourd lamps

Visit the official Dart Lamp website, view the catalogue and consult the artist directly to order your one-of-a-kind exclusive gourd lamp. Shipping worldwide!

Learn more on dartlamp.com ➡


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