Which craftsmen should you call to renovate your apartment?
The apartment is being renovated an exciting and sometimes daunting task which most of us have to do at some point. Do you get a headache when you think about all that work? The biggest problem is that you often don't know how long it will take, how much it will cost, and whether it will even be done the way you wanted. It all sounds quite stressful, but with good organization and choice true mastersanything can pass much easier. Renovations may include sealing cracks, repairing windows, leaking pipes or the roof. Sometimes the house has to be renovated from the ground up, in order to carry out a really high-quality repair. It depends on depth of damage or potential health risk Home renovations can also include more "fun" projects such as remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, adding decorations and new furniture. Repairs to the walls, floors, ceilings, windows and other components of your home are often necessary to keep it structurally sound and pleasant to live However, you don't have to tackle all these projects yourself – you can invest in quality craftsmen to transform your apartment into the home of your dreams

Here are the 6 most important home renovation masters:

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  Electrical installations that work properly are absolutely essential to a peaceful and easy life. Not only do they make your everyday life easier, but it is also important that they are ultimate safely placed.  Electricians are trained to identify potential hazards and wiring security, which you cannot do alone. It is recommended that you always leave your renovations related to electrical installations to a qualified craftsman.


  This step includes replacing valves, water pipes, installing new sanitary ware... It seems like a very messy and extensive job, but it will pay off when in the end Your apartment completely shines. Bathroom or kitchen repairs are much easier to do if you hire a professional. They are understand the most common problems and they can solve them for you at a fair price.  Some plumbers are ready to offer you some kind of guarantee for their work. This means that if the toilet stops working before a certain time, your chosen master will fix it for you repair free of charge. Don't forget to ask about these options before you hire your handyman.


  Before the plastering works, it is advisable to finish the work on all the installations in the apartment (electrical installations, plumbing and possibly air conditioning). Of course, only if there was a need for them. After all that is done completed, only then can plastering work begin. It is advisable to move all the furniture somewhere else before starting the work - if that is possible. If not, yours plasterers should carefully and in detail to protect them.  If you are a fan of suspended ceilings, now you can tackle it. For an experienced plasterer, the possibilities are endless. Cascades (different ceiling heights), arches, partition walls can be installed... By installing partition walls, you can get e.g. a new room, add a section in the bathroom for a shower cabin, separate part of the kitchen or some other rooms.  This will give your entire living space an interesting touch that others do not have in their apartment. Interesting plaster structures give "that something", which will make your apartment look like like a photo from a world magazine about the interior. We believe that it will cause the admiration of all guests!  plasterers For a completely different impression, you can add various plaster details as desired on the ceilings, surrounding walls, in the form of plaster shelves...  We recommend installation of lighting and interesting lamps, For effective and modern look. All these elements will create a special impression and an enchanting atmosphere in your space.  Plaster hiders, i.e. hidden lights I can too raise the aesthetics of your space to a higher level. Invisible until the lights are turned on, they provide interesting effects depending on whether you choose multi-colored lights or white bulbs. They can also be installed to hide unattractive heating pipes, which will be great beautify the whole room. If acoustics are important to you, installation plaster wall coverings you can provide yourself with effective sound insulation. Enjoy the everyday peace and quiet of your home, preserve your privacy and avoid noise made by the neighbors.


  The use of ceramic tiles is one of the most sought-after options for remodeling or renovating a home. Ceramic floor and wall tiles, more than any other material, offer advantages such as long life, resistance to scratches and fire. These properties make them the perfect option for any room in the house. In addition to numerous technical qualities, ceramic tiles come in various designs and colors that can be used adapt to all your ideas. You can cover floors or walls, and they can also be used very nicely on your terrace or balcony. Ceramics is the perfect material for your kitchen or bathroom. Due to poor porosity does not absorb stains and repels bacteria, and cleaning is very easy. Just water and a little soap and everything looks like new! Of course, they can also be installed in other rooms, such as in the hallway, living room and other rooms - especially if you have built-in underfloor heating. Their different combinations and designs will make your space extra interesting and unusual. You should take into account the conditions of the installation, the substrate and the environment where you plan to glue the tiles, in order to get quality results. Your ceramist will give you expert advice and guide you on how to best fit the tiles into your interior.

Parquet workers

  The floor occupies the largest area of the room and as such, it is what guests notice first when they enter your house. If you want to make a good first impression, devote yourself to this part of the renovation. parquetry An important initial item before parquet works is determining the condition of the floor surfaces (evenness, cracks, damage...) Sometimes for you may be more profitable to install a new parquet, rather than trying to repair a badly damaged parquet. Parquet planing, replacement of moldings, filling of cracks and other damages and varnishing are just some of the services offered by parquet contractors. Today, there are parquet floors of various designs and colors on offer, so you will surely find one that suits you fits perfectly into your space.


After all the previous steps, you are ready for finer, finishing works. Choose your favorite color and create a pleasant environment for everyday rest. Hiring a professional painter for the exterior of your home assures you that your house is in good condition protected from numerous weather disasters. High-quality interior wall painting will make it easier to clean traces, scratches and dirt. painters Painting is much more than buying paint, mixing the paint and covering the walls with it. Awkward corners to be painted, paint density, wall type and surface are just some of the factors to consider. These are some specifics that expert painters can have experiences and knowledge that you may not have Not to mention that there are specifics that they represent risk yes damage your walls. Expertise is therefore one of the reasons why it is important to hire professionals. Fortunately, painters are easy to find and hire for the job.

Is it easier for you when you know which craftsmen you should call to renovate your apartment?

  It's a good organization more than half of a successful business. We hope that with these tips you have a better idea of how to start your apartment renovation and not miss anything important. During most of the works mentioned, craftsmen will most likely make noise due to heavy drilling and pounding. The neighbors won't be happy about it, but don't forget to politely warn them in advance or post a notice in the building. Follow our renovation guide and we believe this whole process will go by with less stress. Most of all, we want you to be satisfied with the results and create for yourself the home you've always dreamed of. If you want advice and evaluation of works for your space absolutely FREE, get in touch szr Monting. Our craftsmen will be happy to translate your idea into action!

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Good luck with your renovation!

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This article was published on our portal, as part of the initiative to support domestic entrepreneurs implemented by the iDEAlab association.

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This article was published on our portal, as part of the initiative to support domestic entrepreneurs implemented by the iDEAlab association.