The best lawyers in Novi Sad - how to choose a lawyer for the company?
The best lawyers in Novi Sad - how to choose a lawyer for the company?

As an association focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship in Serbia, we often hear the following dilemma from our members and partners: how to choose the best lawyer for your business?

Legal advice and services are an absolute necessity for any company that plans to run its business seriously. In addition to being an accountant, he is also a lawyer a key part of your team, which should maximally support you in managing your business.

Legal services are required from the self establishment and registration of the company, then drawing up work contracts with employees, contracts on business-technical cooperation with clients and then numerous other regulations in the field of company and labor law.

In addition to compiling mandatory documentation, such as founding acts, statutes, regulations - the lawyer is here to help you in the case as well labor disputes, negotiations, disciplinary and appeal procedures.

It is becoming more and more important IT law, which includes advising freelancers and IT companies on the rights and obligations of the Client and Developer. There is also advice on the implementation of the GDPR, privacy policy and the protection of copyright and intellectual property on the Internet.

But how to find out who they are the best lawyers? Novi Sad certainly has many of them.

Our expert associate, lawyer Marijana Kovačević, who herself is experienced and successful in working with legal entities, gave us some important advice.

6 items to pay attention to when choosing a lawyer for your company

The best lawyers in Novi Sad - how to choose?

Choosing the right lawyer is a time-consuming but important process. To begin, make list of potential candidates by talking to business advisors, people in your industry and other trusted sources. You can consult law firm websites, other online resources or bar associations.

The next step is to narrow down the list of potential candidates and decide who you would like to hear from or meet with. Contact and talk to more lawyers from your list.

During further discussions, you should consider the following 6 items when deciding who is the best lawyer for your company's legal needs.

1. Find a lawyer with relevant experience

The appropriate level of experience is one of the most important criteria when choosing a lawyer. You want a lawyer who is successful in solving problems the kind you have. Previous successes in the same area increase the likelihood that he will help you in solving your problem.

Years of work, number of cases in a certain area, as well as previous results are important things to consider when evaluating a lawyer's experience.

Along with experience comes a better knowledge of other people involved in the process, as well as the competition and their way of working, which can be of particular importance in court. The acquired skills, wisdom and perspective for risk assessment can be crucial in developing your winning strategy. With a series of previous successes, comes the confidence of a lawyer who will decisively guide you through all the twists and turns of the legal process.

Browsing law firm websites it will also give you an insight into the scope of the firm's practice. Explore the website of each firm on your shortlist and Google the firm and individual lawyers. These steps will help you assess the depth and breadth of the firm's practice.

2. Choose a specialist for your problem

You need a lawyer who understands the problem you are facing. There are different branches of law and nowadays most lawyers have their own narrow specialty, much like doctors. You wouldn't want a dermatologist to operate on your heart, would you?

To find out who the best lawyers are for your case, you must first determine what type of lawyer is best suited to solve your problems. During this initial phase, consult with a general corporate attorney or other trusted business advisor, such as your accountant.

When it comes to companies, first of all you need a lawyer who specializes in labor or corporate law. The specialist will be best informed for your area and know well the "tricks" that are applicable to your problem. This narrow knowledge is essential, as it can be the marginal difference in winning or losing your case.

The best lawyers in Novi Sad - labor law and corporate law

3. The best lawyers are excellent communicators

Lawyers are paid to communicate with their adversaries and those who try their cases. Equally important, however, is finding a lawyer who can communicate effectively with you. You want a lawyer who understands your concerns and keeps you regularly updated on the developments in your case.

The best lawyers have the ability to communicate on organized and understandable way. The lawyer should carefully assess whether live communication or e-mail is the most appropriate. A lawyer should also understand that over-explaining technical matters may be unnecessary and unprofitable.

When you are asked to make a decision or take action, the lawyer should succinctly explain the options available to you. Also, it should present you with practical and legal issues advantages and disadvantages different courses of action and other issues that are relevant to your decision.

4. The best lawyers leave a professional impression

Professionalism is more than personality. It involves certain objective actions and behaviors that differentiate the best lawyers from average. You can expect a professional lawyer to:

  • Adheres to all applicable laws and ethical codes
  • It acts in your best interest
  • Because of efficient and economical, according to your resources
  • He regularly returns all phone calls and communicates openly with you
  • He comes to meetings well prepared and on time
  • He acts quickly and as needed
  • Provides advice on alternative dispute resolution
  • Behaves appropriately in all situations

A lawyer is needed dedicated and committed to protect your best interests. The best lawyers take the initiative on your problem and dedicate themselves to finding winning solutions.

The best lawyers in Novi Sad - an impression of professionalism

5. Choose a lawyer whose approach matches the values of your company

The personality and approach to the client or to solving problems, differ from lawyer to lawyer. In addition to finding a professional and knowledgeable attorney, you should match its features with your style, personality and approach.

Underestimating the importance of this subjective factor would be huge mistake. It will be much easier for you if you work with a lawyer that you are comfortable with and can trust to take care of matters that may affect your business.

On the lawyer's website, be sure to read the page about us, so that their values and approach are clearer to you. Assess whether you like their way of working, because this is an important factor for the success of your cooperation.

6. The price of legal services as a decision factor

The prices of legal services are prescribed by law and they are equal in all law offices. The method of payment and prices are determined by the lawyer's tariff, which it adopted Bar Association of Serbia.

According to the attorney's fee, the difference is recognized rewards for work lawyer and compensation for labor costs a lawyer. In addition to charging for work on a specific client's case, lawyers have the right to charge all accompanying costs necessary for work on that case.

We definitely recommend that you discuss all the main and possible accompanying costs with your lawyer at the initial meeting. Consult with multiple attorneys before making a decision. Although the attorney fee is identical, some attorneys Vam can suggest "more expensive way" to the solution of your problems, when there may be a simpler solution.

To find out the price of services for your subject in Kovačević Law Office Novi Sad, call 063/8637018 or send an email to the address

The best lawyers in Novi Sad - an easier decision with our 6 guidelines

The best lawyers in Novi Sad - 6 guidelines when choosing

These six guidelines may not cover every situation and other factors may also be relevant to your particular case. However, this short list should help you choose the lawyer that best suits your needs.

For specific legal assistance and advice for your case, we recommend that you contact us Law office Kovačević Novi Sad.

Note :

This article was published on our portal, as part of the initiative to support domestic entrepreneurs implemented by the iDEAlab association.