Implementation of the AGVFlexTex project

Project AGVFlexTex, which is financed through the DIH-World call, is successfully implemented and we are pleased to announce that it has entered the final phase of the experiment. After successful testing in the laboratory, the project was successfully tested in the production facility of the Ivković company, with the aim of checking how the AGV behaves in a real industrial environment.

The implementation of the pilot project in the plant was successful and the results are extremely encouraging. AGV showed a high level of efficiency in material manipulation and production increase, which will significantly contribute to increase productivity and reduce production costs.

With the support of DIH-World, the AGVFlexTex project has successfully completed this development phase, which represents an important step towards the commercialization of the product. This project also produced key results that are invaluable for the further development of automation technologies in industry.

We are glad that the AGVFlexTex project was successfully tested in a real environment and we are sure that it will contribute to the improvement of the production of the Ivkovic company and other companies around the world. We look forward to the further progress of this project and the development of new technologies that will bring innovations and improvements in production.