How to choose flowers for every occasion - girlfriend gift, birthday, wedding decorations, cemetery flowers

Giving flowers to someone can help us express different feelings. From the statement love or gratitude, to expression condolences or apologies. Natural, beautiful and fragrant - flowers will evoke emotions in almost every gift recipient.

For the thousands of years that we have been giving flowers to each other, they have become a traditional gift for many special occasions. Sometimes your choice of flowers can be influenced by tradition or customs, which it complicates what might seem like a simple decision at first glance.

To help you out, we've put together the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect flowers for almost any occasion.

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Which flowers to choose for which occasion? 


How to choose flowers for every occasion

See below for ideas for flower arrangements that you can easily make order online. Some of them may not have occurred to you or you didn't even know they existed!


Continue reading to discover some interesting suggestions that will help you make the decision easier.

101 roses


When it is given away 101 roses?


A bouquet of 101 roses

Still one of the most popular gifts for all occasions, even when there is no special occasion. A glamorous and indescribably romantic bouquet for birthdays, anniversaries, declarations of love.

Bouquets of roses have always been the most popular for a reason. This flower, since ancient Rome, has been considered proof of true love and the infinity of your feelings.

 They unmistakably provoke the one wow-effect at your lady's place! A bouquet of 101 roses has many meanings and all of them are a symbol of something magnificent in the two of you, in her, in your love.

The beauty, tenderness and fragrance of a single rose is often enough melt a girl's heart. Imagine what he can do then 101 roses?

With this luxurious gift you will prove your generosity and how there are no limits to what you are willing to do, when it comes down to it she or your love.

And if that's not enough for you, there are also bouquets from 301, 501, even if 1001 roses! How many girls can say they got it such a a gift?

You will leave her speechless. And not only her - the whole neighborhood, her family, her friends... And she will remember that moment, and you too, all his life.

Rose colors and their meanings - which flower color to choose?


Rose color meaning

It is important to pay attention to the symbolism of the color of the bouquet of roses that you are giving as a gift. Each of them has its own special meaning:

  • Red roses - a declaration of eternal love and fiery passion
  • Bordeaux roses - a dark red or burgundy bouquet of roses is chosen by people who have spent a long time together; it is associated with loyalty, stability and respect
  • White roses - a symbol of refinement and purity; it is often given to a bride on her wedding day or to a woman as a sign of gratitude for giving birth to a daughter or son
  • Pink roses - represent the loveliness, tenderness and femininity of your lady, and are also a sign that you admire her beauty
  • Blue roses - are associated with mystery, uniqueness and the achievement of even the impossible
  • Yellow roses - many mistakenly believe that a yellow bouquet of roses means jealousy or calls for a breakup - on the contrary! Yellow is a symbol of happiness, fun and promises a long relationship, and yellow roses are often given as a sign of friendship
  • A colorful bouquet of roses - if your relationship is a storm of different emotions, then order a bouquet of roses of all shades - colorful and unique, just like your life together

You can bring a bouquet of 101 roses to your sweetheart personally or surprise her completely unexpectedly delivery from the flower shop to her home address.

It's up to you to choose and order the arrangement that will make her happy the most, and Esperanza flower shop will deliver the arrangement at the location and at the time you choose.


Candy bouquets


To whom they bow sweet bouquets?


Bouquets of sweets and flowers

 A sweet gift is given sweet person, of course! Tell her exactly how cute she is.

An original gift that will delight all candy lovers! Sweet flower arrangements are unique and an excellent choice for New year, glory, birth of a child, birthdays and other celebrations.

Combine the creative beauty of a stunning floral bouquet with pure chocolate indulgence. Regardless of the occasion, if your loved one loves sweets, with this gift you can't go wrong!

Candy bouquets will never fail to impress all who are lucky enough to receive them. There are options with toys or drink, quality sweets such as Ferrero Roche or Kinder chocolate bars. If you know someone who has a sweet tooth, but... a healthier variant - decide for a basket with flowers and fruit.

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Flower arrangements in the shape of a heart


To whom to present flower arrangement in the shape of a heart?


101 roses in the shape of a heart

It is clear that the heart naturally symbolizes love, and most often it is a symbol of romantic feelings. That's why this is a great floral gift for girlfriend, anniversary of marriage or relationship, birthday, March 8, Valentine's Day and similar happy occasions.

Many people know how difficult it is to choose roses for their loved one on a birthday or other significant holiday. You don't just want to give beautiful flowers, you want to find something original, surprising, unique.

This floral gift also comes in a variety of 101 roses, arranged in the shape of a heart in an elegant wicker basket - in all colors.

The rose heart is a symbol that speaks of deep feelings, of your strong love. In addition to a girlfriend or wife, it is often given to other close women: for mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend. This bouquet will remind them how much you love them and that they mean a lot to you.

Sometimes flowers are also given as gifts as an apology or when you want to make up for some mistake you made. We are all only human and we all make mistakes sometimes. Every relationship or relationship has its ups and downs, so it's normal to blow things up sometimes.

A heart of roses can be a gentle addition to your apology, a symbol of your effort to smooth out the relationship. Everyone can make a mistake in something, what is important is that you take responsibility for your actions and try to compensate for the damage done.

When your dear realize how much you really care, it will be difficult for her not to forgive you. And the flower heart as a gift will represent your love, which you can't you don't plan on giving up.

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Box of flowers - flowers in a box


Who is given a box of flowers, ie. flowers in a box?


Box of flowers - flowers in a box

Flowers in a box are ideal for giving to people who they don't have time to take much care of flowers. It does not require a vase or other container for storage. A flower arrangement in a box doesn't even require rearranging.

It is also a very nice sign of attention to people who are recovering from illness and that's why they can't devote themselves to the maintenance of flowers, and a lovely flower decoration would cheer them up.

Many girls and women will be happy because they can use the box of flowers for decorating the space. Whether it's a bedroom, living room or even an office, flowers in a box will add one to any space elegant and feminine note. And as a bonus, it will smell wonderful to everyone who stays in that space.

Box of flowers is a bouquet of flowers designed and aesthetically arranged in a box. Bouquet of flowers differs from the flower box, because the latter has foam at the base. Foam allows the floral designer to arrange flowers beautifully and consistently. Fresh flowers are stuck in wet foam, which allows it to retain water and stays fresh for days.

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Bouquets of flowers


When it is given away bouquet of flowers?


Bouquets of flowers

A classic and unsurpassed floral gift is definitely bouquets. You can't go wrong if you show up with them on birthday celebration, graduation defense, graduation, moving in, engagement, birth of a child, March 8, Valentine's Day… The opportunity is countless.

Even if you know which flowers are the most favorite of the person you are buying a gift for, that will be a sign that you have listened to her, remembered and that you care. he cares a lot make you happy. Imagine the person you are giving a bouquet of her favorite flowers to: What kind of face is she making?

Without a doubt, it will appear one big smile!

That's flower power. They light up every occasion with their vivid scents and colors. You can rejoice girlfriend, sister, friend, mother, colleague, professor... A flower bouquet can be dedicated to any woman you love and respect, and if you want to make an extra effort - think about the symbolism of flowers.

What flowers to choose for a bouquet as a gift?


Which flowers to choose as a gift bouquet

 These are some of the most common types of flowers used in bouquets and their meanings:

  • Roses - You must have expected that these flowers will be among the most common bouquet arrangements. And you are right! A very elegant choice, which symbolizes sincere love, and it is convenient that each color of the slice has its own special meaning.
  • Gerbera - Different varieties of gerberas carry different meanings, such as innocence, purity, cheerfulness, etc. Therefore, florists choose gerberas to make bouquets for various occasions. Colorful gerbera flower arrangements add extra charm to celebrations and make relationships stronger.
  • Tulips - Tulips are a symbol of long-term and unconditional commitment. As such, they are an ideal gift for a partner, mother, sister or daughter.

These are just some of the common choices of flowers for a bouquet. For unique and original impression, choose a mix of different flowers. Give her a bouquet that is special and unique, just like her.

There are two other important reasons for buying a bouquet. One is the happiest day in life many ie wedding, when the bride-to-be needs Biedermeier, while others are the occasion moments of sadness and grief, where we leave off bouquet for the cross to the cemetery, for memorials and funerals. More details on choosing flowers for both of these occasions follow below.

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Wedding decorations


Which all decorations for the wedding need to get?


Biedermeiers - bouquets for the bride


Biedermeier - bouquet for the bride

Bouquet for the bride probably the most important part of flower decorations for the wedding. When choosing a Biedermeier for your wedding, it is recommended that you choose the flower that has it special symbolism for you.

The style of the flower bouquet and its meaning should be in harmony with your wishes and personality. Each flower symbolically represents someone trait or value with which you can identify.

Some believe that the choice of flower for the bride's bouquet is decisive what will her future marriage be like.

What are the meanings of different flowers for a Biedermeier wedding?

  • Gypsophila – youth, innocence, eternal love
  • Chrysanthemum - abundance, wealth, truth
  • Freesia - calmness, grace, trust
  • Hydrangea - understanding, gratitude
  • Kala – ravishing beauty, sophistication, elegance
  • Lily - honor, exaltation, sincere choice of the beloved
  • Carnation – courage, talent, brings happiness in love
  • Orchid – luxury, beauty, exhilaration
  • Peony – shyness, ambition and determination
  • Rose – love, joy, beauty, tenderness
  • Sunflower – joy, positive energy, longevity

Flowers for the wedding table and hall


Flowers for the wedding table and hall

As the central part of any wedding celebration, flowers on wedding table must complete elegance and glamor of your wedding. They are a common choice ikebana, flower balls, with various decorations in sight candlesticks, glass vases and stands for the wedding hall.

Carriage for newlyweds


Flower decoration for the car

It is also indispensable car decoration, with which the wedding procession announces its own joy surrounding passers-by. Bouquets for mirrors, tulle nets or heart-shaped flower decorations will beautifully decorate the way to the big event.

Wedding wreaths


Wedding wreaths for the door or gate

The send-off of the bride-to-be cannot go without a lavish one wedding wreath. Wreaths for a door or gate will add a special touch beauty this happy event.

Flowers for decorating the wedding party


Flowers for decorating the wedding party - flower bracelets for bridesmaids and best man

In our nation, it is customary to the wedding party is decorated with flowers. Flowers for the godmother, godmother, bridesmaids, groom, wedding party. From classic rosemary to modern ones flower bracelets, it is a beautiful centuries-old tradition. Since ancient times, it was considered that hanging rosemary and flowers for decoration protects newlyweds from misfortune and evil forces.

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Flowers for the cemetery - tears and wreaths

Tears and wreaths they are intended for the saddest moments of each of us - the last farewell to loved ones. Tears and funeral wreaths are the way to go let's pay tribute  to those who left us.

Flowers for the cemetery - tears and wreaths

Tears for the crate

With this flower arrangement, we symbolically represent the love we feel for the deceased person. The arrangement is in the form of a tear, which highlights the pain we feel for a dear person who has left us.

Wreath for the cemetery

The symbolism of the wreath is in rebirth and serves as a reminder that the souls of our loved ones are immortal. It is a sign of hope that helps the bereaved to accept death as an integral part of life, and sadness and pain as a sign of great love and memories of the deceased, which we keep forever in ourselves.

Bouquets for the cross

By bringing a bouquet to the cross, we express our condolences to the family and show how much we appreciate and respect the deceased.

How to choose flowers for the cemetery?

It's nice to choose a species flowers that the deceased loved or which had a special meaning for him. It is definitely recommended that the arrangement be harmonious, rich, harmonious and carefully decorated.

It is recommended to choose flowers that symbolizes hope and consolation:

If needed, delivery of flowers for the cemetery is available for Belgrade and the surrounding area by road Esperanca florists.


You can also order flowers to be delivered to your address, the address of the bereaved or directly to the cemetery, at the agreed time.

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