How easy is it to get to a party?

Have you found yourself in situations where you go to a party in a good mood and the moment you enter the club your mood drops to zero because of the bad music, what about the bad DJ, what about the club? Now that you've made a reservation, you stay inside because you paid for it and your whole evening is ruined because of a bad DJ or bad music he plays.

It often happens in a cafe, bar, why it happens because people don't take the time to research what people like to listen to. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, we created an application that helps you plan your date.
At the beginning of the party, many people stay even if they don't like it in the hope that the party will be better, but these problems never arise, or they get used to them, while a certain group decides to look for a new place to have a better time, but in the main it's too late because everyone the tables are taken, so they squeeze into some cosak. In fact, most people make mistakes when deciding which party to go to because they don't know what kind of music will be there or what kind of music they play. The real solution lies in finding good clubs  is that you vote for yourself which music and who will play at the party. They can play what you like by voting for the music you like. image


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