Vice President Ivan Đoković: On the importance of marketing for the development of a business idea and the enthusiasm of those who want to transfer knowledge
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In the Congress Center of the Master Novi Sad Fair, a conference dedicated to entrepreneurs is being held today, which in many ways helps the development and conceptualization of business ideas, but also motivates future entrepreneurs to approach the definition of their business plan as independently and creatively as possible, as well as their distribution and promotional strategy.

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At the conference entitled "The importance of marketing for the development of a business idea", the Vice President of the Provincial Government and the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism, Ivan Đoković, addressed the participants, and on that occasion he emphasized the importance of the enthusiasm of those who organize such gatherings and who want to transfer knowledge. create a general dialogue on this topic and offer it to the general public.

"I believe that, as important as marketing is, in every aspect of life, the most important are those people who teach you and let you know how things are done and implemented. There is almost no sphere of life without marketing, from public transportation, to the entrance of a building, to an advertising flyer attached to the windshield of a car, when you turn on the TV, you search on the Internet. Then you witness the creation of a name that should create an additional value for any type of commercial product," Djokovic said.

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He added that the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism felt the need to shape the creative economy in the form of financial assistance, which is awarded for the third year in a row through public tenders, defined by international practice, but also by legal and social reality. Ninety percent of the applicants' ideas are based on boldness and enthusiasm, in which marketing is already incorporated in the very formation of the business idea.

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Đoković introduced the audience to the concept of allocating funds for innovative female entrepreneurship, where the focus is on innovation and marketing, enabling women founders of economic entities to finance their business projects, while the interest alone indicates that more funds, liquidity and incentive measures are needed in this domain.

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According to the organizer of the conference, Marija Radojčić, marketing is often neglected in the business process and there is a noticeable lack of awareness of how crucial it is and how much the defined goal cannot be reached without it.

"This is a very important topic. Every marketing campaign must have a focus, and the point is to show who you are and what you want to achieve. We tried to bring you the greatest experts this time, with rich experience who live marketing, who apply it and who know what brings the greatest effect", pointed out Radojčić, adding that she herself, as an entrepreneur, recognized the necessity of more detailed marketing in her business, but also the necessity of talking with those who have rich experience in that sphere and who have gone through various stages of marketing development.

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It is precisely for this reason that the conference deals with the importance and necessity of marketing, its development through various economic segments, in order to adapt one's own business, or a business in its infancy, to the modern needs of the market. A key, sometimes even decisive, factor is brand building with proven marketing methods and concepts.

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