At the beginning of the pandemic, we were all overjoyed to work from home. No morning traffic jams, no stressing about whether our bus will arrive on time. We no longer have to iron t-shirts, shirts, pants, or worry about a neat hairstyle. All day long we are in pajamas, with disheveled hair and drinking strong coffee.

A month passed like that, a year, and another. Now they are urging us to go back to the offices, and we don't feel like it. We have become accustomed to working from the comfort of our homes.

Crowds and annoyances are starting again, additional obligations, our free time has decreased. We are convinced that we are not that productive and organized in the office, as we are in our space. Employers criticize us, they worry about why we are not working actively, as we have been until now.

To make it easier for ourselves, we have implemented several ways to reduce stress and increase productivity in the office. Since they bore fruit, we wanted to share them with you.

Our back hurts from sitting on a chair, our eyes burn from the computer, ideas don't come to us, we have no concentration. We didn't know how to get moving and energized until we started separating 15 minutes for cleaning with Eastern Office products and now we are "back in the game".

1. Tidy up the scattered papers

home office working space white

Yes, sometimes our desk is full of various papers, contracts, invoices. It's frustrating us when we can't find something. Everything turns into chaos for us, we think that we are not organized at all, that we are irresponsible.

That's why we created an efficient file storage and organization system. When the papers arrive on our desk, we take a few minutes and arrange them in folders, binders and pack everything neatly in the cupboards. It's easier to live.

2. Keep your work table tidy


Pencils, pens, glasses, mugs, bottles, cables, various wonders. Everything everywhere. Every folder on the computer is organized, but chaos around the computer.

We threw everything that was empty into the bucket, cups and similar things were taken to the kitchen, pens were packed in boxes. We now practice this regularly. When the use is finished, it is put away in its place. 

3. Keep the table clean

a young woman wearing protective

When we put everything away, we realized that we had forgotten something. We unfold things from the table, put them rubber gloves, we catch cloth and Cleanser in the hands. We spray a few times and wipe, wipe, wipe. And we put everything back in place.

We must not allow dust and allergens to accumulate on our work surface. Hygiene is the most important! 

4. Don't forget to clean your electronic devices as well

hand with protective glove clean

Don't take off your gloves yet, it's not over. It accumulates on the computer and other devices most dust and bacteria. It is best to clean them with a dry cloth, because of the long service life.

First, turn off the computer and other equipment! We take disinfecting utility and clean them with gentle movements.

5. Take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom

man washing hands with soap at h

It is important to leave the toilet clean and disinfected, both because of personal hygiene and because of bugs that live in humid environments and can be carriers of infections. Refill regularly toilet paper and towels.

When you take off your gloves, be sure to wash your hands! Even though they are rubberized and chemicals are unlikely to reach you, don't leave anything to chance. While washing your hands, always use hand soap which disinfects. 

6. The kitchen is also important

young woman at home washing the 1 1

All those coffee mugs, juice glasses, glass water bottles and other things you get dirty need to be washed. So take a nice sponge and dish detergent, so on to washing.

When you are finished, collect all the excess water from the surfaces with trulex. With this, you will not only take care of your belongings and the hygiene of the kitchen, but you will have the title of a clean and tidy person among your colleagues. 

Our comrade on the way to higher productivity and less stress is Eastern Office doo. They provided us with high-quality and reliable means for maintaining hygiene, disinfection and consumables. Our workspaces exude freshness, and in a clean space we are more satisfied and ready to work.

Note :

This article was published on our portal, as part of the initiative to support domestic entrepreneurs implemented by the iDEAlab association.